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The Importance of Being Silly (Part 2)

So in the first part of this blog post I logically inferred that being silly has nothing to do with being taken seriously, or conversely, not being taken seriously.  In other words, you can still be silly and be taken seriously.   In fact, I would argue that being silly is vitally important to your health and thus worth listening to.  In part 3 I talk about being silly a useful motivation tool.

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The Importance of Being Silly (Part 1)

“You should listen to me because I am serious.”  To anyone that sounds quite far-fetched, because we would like to think that as independent people we can think independently and seriousness should not matter in terms of what is actually being said.

However the opposite sounds true.  “Don’t listen to him because he is being silly.”  Moreover, how often have you heard people say to you


“You shouldn’t be silly/behave that way because people won’t take you seriously”


If you take the first statement to be false then logically you must take the last statement to be false.  Let me explain what I mean


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Getting Out of Bed in the Morning

I have a problem.  Heat.  I can’t seem to heat up my bedroom of my apartment.  Living in an unrenovated Italian flat (and there are many) ridiculously annoying in the winter.  This is because all Italian properties seem to be geared for the summer.  They love tiles.  For the life of me I do not know why they do.  Perhaps its got something to do with keeping on their stylish shoes.  But I’ve already talked about the benefits of that in this blog post.


Here are some tips to get out of bed in the morning

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VIDEO: Changing Your Reality


You live in your reality.  Let me write that again.  You live in YOUR reality.  What that means is you have the ability to change your reality whenever you would like.

Above in the video, I touch on the fact that I am in small country town where it’s difficult to make friends and on the whole the people aren’t very nice, BUT there are some very nice people here in Termoli.  It’s a frustrating place to be in, when in 3 months I have less than 10 friends.

However, do I let that effect me?  I could.  I could just sulk and complain and make myself and people around me miserable or I could take another approach and accept that this might be the reality in this town for a non Italian speaker but it doesn’t have to be MY reality.

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Welcome to my New Site!

Hi!  Welcome to my new site.  I’ll be posting 2-4 times a week about motivation, my life and travel.  More about the site in the ABOUT ME section.  The site is very new so if there’s any questions or comments or advice regarding what content, functionality or SEO of the website please let me know!


Jason Tsitsopoulos

About Me Jan 2016

Hello!  I see you’ve stumbled upon my new blog.  At the moment there isn’t a lot of blog posts and the site could use some tweaking.  A lot of tweaking.  But as Nike says I’m “just do(ing) it”.  In fact one of the domain names I considered purchasing was

So this is what I’m doing.  I am not so concerned with making the website pretty or adding lots of photos even though I know that that’d increase my readability and page engagement.  What I am concerned about on this website is good quality content and a lot of it.  Why?  Keep reading

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