Browse Month: February 2016

The Complaint Free Wristband Challenge

As with most things, I had a problem with a girl.  I’d been seeing this girl but I had a problem.  She’s too negative.  For example, when entering my place she would always complain about the mess.


“Why are your clothes all over the floor?”

“I see you still haven’t done the dishes.”

“Look, garbage in the corner”  (Totally unused space, perfect for hard garbage.  Saves me from opening a cupboard)


As with anything I was complaining to my friend about this and he offered me a solution.

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Will you have coffee with me?

Whilst listening to a podcast with Tim Ferriss and Seth Godin I was reminded to write about what makes me angry.  So what does make me angry?  Coffee.  Specifically inviting people for coffee.  It’s got me so angry in fact I had to stop listening and stop cleaning and getting ready for my  party and go and write this damn post.  Want to know why I’m angry?  Read on


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Just Do It

Yes Nike has the best slogan.  Just Do It.  The slogan which has empowered so many people and has guilted others into bettering themselves.  I am a serial procrastinator.  Being a procrastinator is seriously bad for my health and for yours as well.


Let me explain what I mean

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Pay the $214.53 (Paying fines for your health)

Last week I opened my email to a very threatening letter.


Yes a credit agency was on my back.  You see I left Australia in June 2015 and at the time I had a phone contract I couldn’t get out of.  So after I left Australia I payed a couple of times and then I forgot to pay as life got in the way.  Cut to last week.  It was Thursday.  I was meaning to do a blog post and I was going to Venice for Carnival that weekend…


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The Importance of Being Silly (Part 3)

In this post I talk about being silly as vital part of motivation.  In part 1 I give a logical explanation why serious people and silly people are not opposites.  And in part 2 I talk how silliness is already happening in our work places.


Ever felt so down that you don’t want to do anything.  That laying in bed and watching a movie seems more fun than starting that new project that you’ve always wanted to do.  You lack the motivation and the constant pressure of errands, chores and assignments are on replay in your mind.  Well there’s a way to fix that…


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