Browse Month: May 2016

Holding onto (small) negatives

Today I woke up really early (for me that’s 6:20) and instead of fighting it and going back to sleep, I did what my body wanted me to do.  Go running.  So I thought great maybe I’ll catch the sunrise (I was too late).  I grab my towel and my bathers and I go to the beach.  I drop my towel and run along the beach.  20 minutes later I return back to my towel.  At least to where I thought it was.


It was gone.

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Beach Week

It’s Friday night and work has just finished.  I’m out having an after-work drink.  A friend and I don’t have a car to get to Bar Firenze so we agree to meet up later in a bar in town.  Two hours later I show up and call my friend.


“Where are you?”

“Hey! I’m at Bar Firenze?”

“What!?! How?  Why?”

“Sorry, man some guys just picked me up.”


So now I have no friends.  I decide to go to the ATM to get some cash out and buy a drink.  The Bank is being serviced. I can’t take out money.  I can’t buy a drink.  I check out the center of town.  It’s dead.  Looks like it’s not my night, I go home.


Saturday, I get up. I go for a walk around town.  No one is around.  I message my friends.  They’re all busy.  I say I’m bored.  My friend texts,


“Jason! You’ve made it.  You wanted to teach here for nine months.  You’ve done it.  You’ve got one month left and then you’re finished.  Don’t lose sight now.”


I thought about it.  I thought about how the next three weekends are booked and that I’ll be busy.  I dip my feet in the sea.  The sea is warm and I proclaim that tomorrow I will go for a swim.


My mood starts to change

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