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Cyprus Update 2

So it’s been a fun few weeks and the next week is going to be even better.  I am going to go to Nicosia and to the other side (the Turkish side, but people here don’t like that term).  I’m also hopefully going to a 2 day festival next weekend.  So that all means I won’t have room for my easily steal-able laptop.


So for the next week I won’t be bringing my laptop and I won’t be posting every day.  I probably won’t post at all this week.  However, if I get the chance I will do my best to give you an update.


Do not fret.  When I come back to Australia I will have plenty of time to finish the 30 day challenge.  I will collect my stories and collect my thoughts and write about it.  Some of these blog topics will be:


Rocking it with confidence,  the only awkward one is you, the key to being attractive, being completely honest (in ways that won’t offend) and more!


I will definitely keep you updated with some stories of the people I’ve met, like the Russian Millionaire and the Cross Fit Doula.


But all this will have to wait, until next week!


Until next time




Can’t wait a whole week for an update?  Shoot me a message on facebook or here right on this blog.  Loving the way I’m going or hating it.  Let me know 🙂

Reaching That Word Limit

I’m going to start writing something until something comes to mind.  When I write I usually have a small nugget of an idea and I tend to elaborate on that and before you know it I have 500 words.  Which might lead you to think that my writing is in fact crap.  That may be so.  But it also can be a useful tool to explain to the reader about a concept.


Let me explain what I mean.


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Spending More On Unique Experiences

Ever stuck in a cycle?  Go to work, go home and on the weekend party?  It can get quite expensive.  But when you look back there are no notable events.   Nothing to say, “Oh I really had fun.  No really, I had some unique experiences”.  You might be stuck on the hamster wheel, just churning a cog until the power stops.


Here’s how to get out of that rut.


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The Sunk Cost Fallacy

You’ve booked and payed for 5 nights all inclusive in Fiji.  Trouble is, there’s a cyclone coming.  Do you go or do you stay?  If you go you probably would have a bad time and not leave the hotel.  If you stay you’ll lose the money you spent for the trip.


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Dealing With Stress

I have a lot of trouble dealing with stress and tension.  I don’t like it and I would rather pay the money for it to go away.  But sometimes you don’t have a choice.  You just have to deal with it.  Here are some techniques I’ve used to deal with stress.


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Rest Day

Wednesday to Friday I was in the party corner, Ayia Napa.  Saturday night I spent all night in the mountains dancing the night away.  Sunday, I fell asleep in a hammock whilst roaming the streets.  Today, it’s time to relax.  Today is my rest day.


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Traveling Light

So the past 4 days I’ve been traveling with a small duffel bag.  A pair of shoes, 2 tops, some shorts, speedos, my charger and THAT’S IT.


Travelling light has afforded me to do more things that I normally would.  It does come with some bad sides too.  Below are the positives and negatives of travelling light.


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