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The Girl On The 109 Tram

I get on the tram from Box Hill.  Ahead of me sits a girl in gym attire wearing a “Muscles Coming Soon” singlet.  I sit down on the other side of the isle and look in the corner of my eye.  She’s mouthing the words to “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen.



I could just keep looking straight ahead or I could do something else.



I start mouthing the words to Don’t Stop Me Now also.  She sees me.  She gets more expressive.  Hands fly out.


200 degrees.  I’m travelling at the speed of light…!


We’re both mouthing the words and doing the dance.  My stop comes up.  I wave goodbye.  She waves.


Farewell, Girl on the 109 Tram.


The 30daychallenge and Upcoming Scedule

Dear readers of my blog,


I have failed again!  I had 12 days left to complete 12 posts and it took me about 15.  It’s really hard when you don’t make it your number one priority.  And since blogging isn’t my number one priority at the moment I am going to change my schedule.


From now on I will post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday by midnight Australian Eastern Standard Time.  So if you miss out on a post or if you don’t see the alert on facebook you can check in on those days or you can Subscribe!


So I am still committed to the blog and the mission.  Now I will have more time to formulate my thoughts and write them down.


Until next time.



Dealing With Crisis

Batten down the hatches.  Shit is going down.  The whole world is spinning and you are trying to be steady.  Emotions are high, patience is low and you have to make quick decisions.


Yes, that’s right it’s crisis time in Casa Tsitsopoulos.  Lots of arguing, shouting, worrying, crying and fighting.  What can you do when you are in a crisis?  Do you band together or go solo?  How do you deal with your emotions?  Read on to find out more.


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The Ultimate Destresser

It’s a rainy day in Melbourne and I’ve got a lot of things to do, like find my primary job.  Or I could go on facebook, youtube, chat to my brother etc.  Or I could read a BOOK!  Reading books for me is the ultimate destresser.  I get caught up into another world and I feel like I’ve accomplished something by reading it, especially when I finish the book.


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Powering Through The Embarrassment

Today, I did something truly embarrassing.  After running around getting my police check in order.  First the newsagent didn’t have a photocopier, then I went to the post office.  Then the Chemist wasn’t a justice of the piece, so I caught the train and went to the police station.  Then I had to photocopy another piece of information, so I went to the library.  But the library machine was broken so I went to another newsagent.  Then I went back to the police station and got it done all without a car.


This morning, however, in a fervid rush, I took my bag and travelled for 50-60 minutes to get to the shop I am going to work at just to realise, I HAD FORGOTTEN HALF THE PAPERS.


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The Story of A Maserati Party and The Russian Millionaire

So I was hanging out within my ex-host from Couchsurfing’s apartment.  We were have a pre-game drink before going out.  We were going to an InterNations event.  InterNations is a website for expatriates.  It is very similar to my all time favourite travelling website Couchsurfing but it is focused on people living abroad.  The key difference is that your not asking for places to sleep, instead you are networking at events and you have to pay.  Apart from that it’s virtually the same.  Correct me if I’m wrong.


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Checking Your Privilege

Last night on my way home from a fun night, I met a very sweet girl.  She’s nineteen and a model.  I asked her where she was going.  She said back home and to her apartment.  She had to feed her dog because, you know, there was no one living there.


We got to talking about her apartment.  The following is paraphrased


“You’re 19 and you bought your apartment?” I said.

“Yeah, but it was really cheap,” she said.

“You know you probably shouldn’t say that so nonchalantly.  Like it’s no thing.”

“It makes you think that I didn’t work for it.”


I stopped talking to her as I just offended her.  She kept talking to another teenager she met on the train.


“You should totally get a place,” she said.

“Oh, you know I spend all my money on McDonald’s.  I can’t afford it,” the eighteen-year-old said.

“Oh, it’s the banks money anyway.  All you need is $90,000 for the deposit…”


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