Browse Month: April 2017

The Collective is Greater than the Seperate

I grew up in a school that was extremely competitive, to the point where the teachers encouraged us to compete against one another especially in Year 12.  The teacher would explain to us that we would all be ranked and also as a school we would be ranked against other schools.  The pressure was immense and now with the NAPLAN tests, I can only assume it is even more so.


It wasn’t a very friendly atmosphere towards those final years.  I knew a girl that would borrow all the French books from the library so that other students couldn’t borrow them thus putting them at a disadvantage so that she could go up the rankings.


It was at this point I questioned her and asked, “wouldn’t it be better if we shared resources and helped each other get a better mark thus getting the overall school mark to be better and therefore everyone would win regardless of how they ranked?”  She didn’t seem to agree, but it was then where I started to think that teamwork is far better than trying to do it solo.

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Try Everything

As my high school reunion is tomorrow, I’m going to tell you another lesson I learnt at school.  Try everything or give everything a go. When I was in school I gave everything a go.

Sport: I tried swimming, soccer, tennis, golf, volleyball, basketball, athletics and others.

Music: I tried piano, trombone, recorder, and starting a band.

Performing: Musical theatre, drama and the Mock United Nations Assembly.

Leadership: I wrote the song for our final assembly, I went for School Captain (came last)

Work: Pizza Hut ($5.39/hour), Blockbuster Video ($10 a day), Coles Supermarket (checkout chick)


These are just some of the things that I did whilst at school.  School is a time for experimentation and I would argue that you should keep on experimenting and trying different things.


When you do new things, see different things, learn different languages, meet different people with different cultures you gain a wealth of knowledge and become a more well-rounded individual.  You become a stronger person and your views get challenged.  You learn to be more accepting and more empathetic.

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Sleep On It

As my high school reunion is coming up this Saturday I thought it would be nice to talk about some life lessons I learnt at school.  A nice little tip that I picked up while I was in high school was to sleep on it.  What I mean by that is, say, like me you got into a lot of drama at school.  Like the time in year 7,  I called Karen Chong a duck face and she slapped me in the face.   Or the time in year 9 I got into a rock fight with students on the hockey pitch.  Or perhaps, the time in year 10 I told Jenny Tsorlakis that her dress was being pulled up as she was leaning over the bench to adjust the bunsen burner and all the boys could see.  Needless to say, the boys were not impressed and I got a couple of punches for that little misstep.

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Creating Space To Be Creative

Since I got laid off, I have been non-stop meeting up with people and getting the collaboration process underway.  It feels really good to have all this space.  All this time knowing that I have the money, I have the means to do what I actually want to do.  I’m not dwelling on the negative and instead I’m focussing on the positive and boy there are some exciting things to get hyped up about.


I am starting to take stock of what I’ve accomplished and where I was when I got back to Melbourne and where I am going to be a month, 6 months and a year from now.  I cannot help but feel overwhelmed with positivity.  I’m just so damn happy.

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Let’s Collaborate

So today I spent my afternoon writing a short story for a newspaper competition.  A friend informed me about this competition and that’s got me thinking.  If you have any competitions and other things I can enter or you want to collaborate you can contact me at or leave a comment down below or on facebook.


I would love to feature some other perspectives as I want to start interviewing people in podcasts and also create video for the site.  More to come…


It’s about now when you start hearing the voices.  The doubts.  Is this really who I am?  Am I a failure?  Do I suck as a teacher or am I just lazy?  Am I lazy?  Is this motivational speaking thing actually going to work?

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