Browse Month: May 2017

Staying Happy When It’s Miserable Outside

It’s dark, grey and cold outside.  You got to work and you come straight home.  Eat dinner, watch a movie and repeat.  After a while, you start to get depressed as your life is on hold.  You forget to drink enough water so a headache starts to creep in and you start eating more so that the warm food can warm up your cold heart.  You start to disconnect with the people around you and your life just becomes the fundamentals: work, eat, binge watch tv and sleep.  Ever feel like this?


Welcome, to Melbourne Winter (or any winter for that matter).


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Mother’s Day

This post is to all the people who’ve lost their mums.  It’s a hard day today, I’m sure.


Today is a day more than ever to speak to your mum.  Tell them you love ’em or whatever you’d like to say, but talk to them.  Whether you are overseas, on non-speaking terms or just lazy.  Make sure you call your mum and have a chat.


You know there was a time that I didn’t speak to my mum for literally years.  I was cross at her for something that, now, doesn’t seem so bad.  To think that I had shut that whole side of the family off as well.  There were deaths in the family and I didn’t get a chance to say to them how I really felt.


It doesn’t matter if they’re manipulative, annoying or downright boring, be the bigger man or woman and call your mum before its too late.

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About Me

So it’s about time I updated the About Me section.  The last one I wrote was in January 2016 and my views about the blog and what is happening in my life have changed since then.


Hi, my name is Jason Tsitsopoulos, I’m from a middle-class family from Melbourne, Australia.  I’ve been fortunate enough to live, travel, study and work as an English teacher in many different areas of the world.  I want to get out of teaching and into the world of motivational speaking which is the reason of why I started this blog.

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Reunion Wrap-Up

So a couple of weeks ago I had my 10 and a bit year reunion and it was WEIRD.   Well weird in a good way.  Seeing all these people that you know.


Have you ever felt that you’re at a party and you know everyone even if you can’t remember all of their names?  That’s right, your own birthday party.  Except at this party, everyone else knew everyone also.   It was like everyone had their own birthday party at the same time (not like when you’re at school and there are two separate birthday parties and you have to decide which one is the better party to go to).

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Long Term Savings – Let’s Talk About Finances

Some of you may think that I do not have a long-term savings plan.  But you’d be wrong!  Going on from yesterday’s post, I have been implementing a long-term savings plan since at least 2011, but there’s been trials and tribulations along the way.


One of the key points about saving money is that you don’t spend it!  And, it’s very tempting to spend it.  In fact, since 2011 I’ve had around about $6000 in my 10% do not touch account.  What’s this about ten percent?


Well, a long time ago I read The Richest Man In Babylon parables (of which you can read for free here).  One of the lessons that stuck with me was to save at least ten percent of your income regardless of how much you make and make sure that income is used on an investment to make your money work for you (something that will yield more profit in years to come).  After all, you cannot compound money if you don’t have any savings.


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How I Get To Travel

People often ask me, “How do you get to travel so much?  How do you have enough money?”  So let’s talk about it.


How do you get to travel so much?


Travel for me is one of my highest priorities.  Just like for you, it may be raising your kids or getting ahead in your career.  Travel trumps starting a family and raising capital, for now.


Travel for me means freedom: freedom to do what you want, to be who you want and to pick up and go where you want.

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Work: The Motivation Killer

I haven’t posted in a week!  A whole week!  Is it because I’m lazy?  Is it because I’m demotivated?  Is it because of the weather?  Yes, to all of the above.  But the main reason why I haven’t posted in a week is because I worked and it killed my motivation.  Let me explain.


On Monday I wrote my last post and on Tuesday I did a day shift.  I then did two doubles on Wednesday and Thursday, so I was at work from 8:30am -9:30pm.  Killer days that put me out of commision on Friday.  I went out Friday night, so Saturday was done for.  And, on Sunday, I didn’t feel up to it.  It was cold and miserable out and I wasn’t in the mood nor did I have the momentum of writing.


All this has got me thinking.  Why is it that work kills the creativity?  It’s not even that I’m doing something that is not creative.  I’m teaching.  It requires creativity especially when you see students gazing up at you wondering what it is that you are talking about, or, when your teaching something dry and your students are falling asleep on you.  What about work is so energy-sapping?

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The Thing I’m Most Thankful For When Travelling

My high school reunion was on the weekend and I got asked a question, “So tell us about your travels?”  I was perplexed and asked what they wanted to know.


“What were the things that were good?” my friend asked.


I started to list some cool places I’ve been to, for example, Venice for Carnivale and the Tremiti Islands.


Venice for Carnivale!


He stopped me and said, “What I mean is, what were the things you learnt while travelling?  Does anything stick out?”


I then started to talk about how living in Australia and Melbourne people don’t really care.  And that you aren’t anything special.  As my Malaysian friend once put it, “in Melbourne, you are told that ‘you should go to this café and that restaurant’ but they aren’t really inviting you.  In Malaysia, it’s different, in Malaysia if people invite you for dinner and really do a good job of showing you around.”

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