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How I Got On To Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – Part 2

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So it’s game day and I am nervous as hell.   I get zero sleep and I wake up before dawn.  My buddy Geoff comes to my house and we take the train to the city.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the city before 8 am.  The light hits the buildings in different ways and everyone is rushing off to work.  Not me though, I have plenty of time and I am soaking it in.


As we enter Channel Nine studios, I am separated from my buddy and get told to sit at my allocated table.  I am going to be on show number 6, the last show for the day.   Yes, that’s right folks, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Hot Seat isn’t filmed live, neither are any of the other game shows for that matter.


There is a person missing from my table and the producers are scrambling to find the person on call.  Whilst they are doing that, they make us sign a contract saying that we can’t say anything about what happened, not even to friends and family, until the show is broadcast.


If you want to see the show you can view it here on this link.

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White Girls with Local Boyfriends and Jason’s Theory of Cool Places

There’s something in the water at Kuta Lombok.  This small surfing village, famous for its glassy waves in the wet season, has another thing it may be famous for, European girls and bad boy locals.  I stayed for three nights and partied for three nights.  I couldn’t get over the disproportionate number of girls, especially from The Netherlands and northern Europe.


I couldn’t quite understand it.  Where were the Australians?  Where were the guys?  Could this be part of Jason’s Theory of Cool Places?

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Living in Poverty and Coping with Realities (With Pictures!)

A week ago I spent a couple of nights in a village and it was the most eye opening experience I’ve ever had.  I had gotten the contact through Couchsurfing and on his profile, his English was pretty good and he had 6 references so I was pretty trusting that I’d have a good experience.  However, good probably isn’t that adjective I would use.


As I approach the house, if you can call it that (the place didn’t have any doors), there was a commotion between the local villagers.  Kids just started appearing out of nowhere.  There were free range chickens everywhere pecking rubbish for food, talk about organic.  Everyone was looking at me, from the children to the old ladies.


My contact, Ruslan, doesn’t have a good a grasp of English as I’m lead to believe.  As we talk I discover that he is a father of two small boys but he seems to be somewhat of a father figure to other boys in the village.  He is poorly educated and works in construction.  That is when he has work.  He says his favourite hobby is to work.  And as I enquire further he tells me he only works about once a month for $15 a day.

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Rest Day 2

It’s time for another rest day.  I was going to write about the heartbreaking poverty I witnessed whilst staying at a village in Central Lombok, Indonesia but I got tied up talking to some San Franciscans.  I need some R&R and chilling out whilst drinking a juice at a cafe watching the day go by is exactly what I need.  Now I just need a book and I’ll be sorted.


Until next time!


Jason (Now in Indonesia for the next 2 months.  Hit me up if you wanna hang out or recommendations.)


P.S. I cut my armbands which have some sentimentality you can see the video below.




It’s been six weeks and finally I am leaving Malaysia, finally leaving Kuala Lumpur.  As I sit in an airport restaurant waiting for my 6 hour delayed trip to Lombok, Indonesia, I reflect.  The original idea was meant to be a month in each city to use as a base and then go in and out of the city.  The reason for staying in the one city for so long was to make connections and to see if I could network.


I did end up going places and getting some networking done but I really connected most with one particular person, my Couchsurfing host, Nuraini.  We went to Cameron Highlands and Sibu Island together.  Inevitably, when you spend so much time with someone a connection is bound to happen.  What I didn’t expect is how comfortably I slotted into her life, despite a minor freak-out, to the point where I feel a bit sad to leave.

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How I Got On To Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – Part 1

So, I did Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – Hot Seat, which aired tonight.  You can view it here if you are in Australia but how did I actually get to be on a game show and why it’s relevant to you.


Normally to get on a game show you need to fill in a form online or send a video etc. to be, maybe, contacted.  Some auditioners take months or years to be contacted and fly in from interstate.  I did none of that.  Instead, I happened to be working in the building where the auditions were.

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Hari Raya Celebrations

In a previous post, I talked about wanting to celebrate the end of Ramadan otherwise known as Hari Raya or Eid.  Well, that was the Sunday before last.  I had originally planned to go to two celebrations in Kuala Lumpur’s suburbs but that wasn’t to be the case so I went to the Prime Minister’s Open House instead.


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