Browse Month: November 2017

3 Cities I Would Go Back To (with photos!)

In my five months of travels, I went to 28 towns and cities (including islands, Pulau Sibu and Gili Trawangan)*.  But here are the three cities worth revisiting and they aren’t what you’d expect.


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3. Jakarta, Indonesia

With a population of over 10 million people and 30 million in the Greater Jakarta region, Jakarta is not to be messed with.  While Jakarta has a lot of poverty, it’s dirty and the traffic is terrible, it has a lot of things to see (unlike Manila), there are new buildings between shanty towns and heritage buildings.  It has a thriving art scene where I saw a very bizarre Japanese play (thanks Melan) and transportation is very cheap with Gojek, Grab and Uber motorbike available in spades.  It’s so cheap that I often just used the food delivery instead of going out and battling with the traffic myself.


This could have easily been Bangkok, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.  However, I have spent a lot more time in each of those cities and so Jakarta takes position number three.


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What I Learnt While Travelling

So I’m back in Australia after receiving a summer job (If you’re in Melbourne and want to hang out, let me know).  As my trip takes a break to raise some money before I inevitably go out again, I wanted to look at the things I learnt while travelling and if I actually achieved what I set out to do.


Before leaving I set myself four goals.  I wanted to meet people, collaborate and create, resolve issues about my late father and change jobs.  I achieved all these goals to various degrees.


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