3 Cities I Would Go Back To (with photos!)

In my five months of travels, I went to 28 towns and cities (including islands, Pulau Sibu and Gili Trawangan)*.  But here are the three cities worth revisiting and they aren’t what you’d expect.


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3. Jakarta, Indonesia

With a population of over 10 million people and 30 million in the Greater Jakarta region, Jakarta is not to be messed with.  While Jakarta has a lot of poverty, it’s dirty and the traffic is terrible, it has a lot of things to see (unlike Manila), there are new buildings between shanty towns and heritage buildings.  It has a thriving art scene where I saw a very bizarre Japanese play (thanks Melan) and transportation is very cheap with Gojek, Grab and Uber motorbike available in spades.  It’s so cheap that I often just used the food delivery instead of going out and battling with the traffic myself.


This could have easily been Bangkok, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.  However, I have spent a lot more time in each of those cities and so Jakarta takes position number three.


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2. Da Lat

The romantic, sleepy town of Da Lat is in the highlands of central Vietnam.  It has a gorgeous lake but I didn’t have time to walk around the 7km circumference.  A highlight of my stay in Da Lat was the countryside motorbike tour, where the tour guide really did tell us quite a lot of information, not like tours I’ve had in Indonesia where they only take you to the places.


The other highlight of my trip was the 100 roofs bar/maze bar.  Easily the best bar I’ve ever been to.  Hands down.  Who would have thought I would have found it in such a sleepy town.  If you can imagine Labyrinth in bar form, that’s what 100 roofs bar is like.

With average highs hovering between mid to low twenties and average lows in the teens, this refreshing city comes as a respite as it takes number two in my favourite cities worth revisiting.



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1. Jogjakarta


That’s right Jogjakarta takes the top spot.  As stated in a previous post, I spent a week in Jogjakarta and I was blown away by how much art and creativity is in Jogjakarta, a town that many skip and I can see why.  If you stay in the centre of the city, you can be overwhelmed by the battle of the mosques and all the people. However, if you manage to find a place a bit off the centre, then you’ll be able to enjoy the city for what it really is, a centre for culture, creativity and youth.  Not to mention all the UNESCO world heritage sites nearby.


Jogja is a city I definitely would like to be a part of because people aren’t afraid to collaborate.  In my endeavour to revert my thinking back to when I was creative in university, I realised that this town would do exactly that, given time.  Unfortunately, I only had a week and this is the reason why it takes the pole position as the city I would revisit.



*Cities: Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Cameron Highlands, Singapore, Kuta Lombok,  Mataram, Kuta, Changgu, Ubud, Sanur,  Jogjakarta, Cilacap, Tegal, Bandung, Jakarta, Bangkok, Ayyuthaya, Saigon/HCMC, Can Tho, Da Lat, Nha Trang, Manila, Vigan, Batangas, Puerto Princessa, El Nido


Islands: Sibu, Gili Trawangan, Bali

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