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Halfway Gone and Halfway To Go

Today marks the halfway mark of my 6-7 (originally 6-12) month journey.  So let’s go through some of the highlights and statistics of my trip.


First, let’s start with the most important one, how much money have I spent?  It’s kind of a complicated answer but in short, I’ve spent approximately $950 (AUD) a month excluding initial flight ($200) and travel insurance ($400 for 7 months).  The way I’ve calculated this number is quite inaccurate as I haven’t been diligent enough to keep a spreadsheet.  I started by calculating $12000 minus the remaining balance in my Asia 10k Target account and then I added the $800 I have in cash and added $1000 from my ING Everyday Account (good for transactions inside and outside Australia).  I took that number and divided it by 3.5 months.


That number doesn’t include the $5000 in baht that I have in my wallet and the amount also doesn’t include any other money in other accounts that I may have used for various reasons but on the whole, I’d say it’s a pretty fair representation of what I have spent (this includes my credit card).


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Long Term Savings – Let’s Talk About Finances

Some of you may think that I do not have a long-term savings plan.  But you’d be wrong!  Going on from yesterday’s post, I have been implementing a long-term savings plan since at least 2011, but there’s been trials and tribulations along the way.


One of the key points about saving money is that you don’t spend it!  And, it’s very tempting to spend it.  In fact, since 2011 I’ve had around about $6000 in my 10% do not touch account.  What’s this about ten percent?


Well, a long time ago I read The Richest Man In Babylon parables (of which you can read for free here).  One of the lessons that stuck with me was to save at least ten percent of your income regardless of how much you make and make sure that income is used on an investment to make your money work for you (something that will yield more profit in years to come).  After all, you cannot compound money if you don’t have any savings.


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How I Get To Travel

People often ask me, “How do you get to travel so much?  How do you have enough money?”  So let’s talk about it.


How do you get to travel so much?


Travel for me is one of my highest priorities.  Just like for you, it may be raising your kids or getting ahead in your career.  Travel trumps starting a family and raising capital, for now.


Travel for me means freedom: freedom to do what you want, to be who you want and to pick up and go where you want.

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Interview with Women’s Empowerment Coach, Mireille Parker

One of my blogging/motivational idols that I follow is Mireille Parker.  I met Mireille in 2015 when I was teaching briefly at a school in Perth.  At the time she just had a blog and hadn’t started her workshops.   Now she has workshops, courses and online courses.  She has shown me that it is possible to make a living through motivating and with some dedication you can achieve your goals.


I had contacted Mireille through Facebook asking if we could set up an interview for a specific time on a specific day.  Instead she called me back and we had an impromptu interview.  In this post you will gain some insight on the business side of things as to what goes into working as a speaker and coach.  Enjoy.


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