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The Negative Effects of Screen Time and Tinder

So I reinstalled Tinder after a year after a Couchsurfer told me that it’s worth while doing in Bali.  For those that know me, you know that I hate Tinder.  It’s mainly because it doesn’t work for me.  I hardly get any matches and the ones I do get are just time wasters.


However, I reinstalled in Bali to great success.  But with success comes a dark side…


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Being Thankful For The Crazy Things That Happen To You

I’m on the train going home.  The girl infront of me is reading the book Mindset: The Psychology of Success.  I have to talk to her, I thought.  When the seat beside her became free I asked to sit next to her.   She said, “No problem.” And a conversation ensued.


She’s a high school teacher and is trying to figure out whether her students have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset.  We start talking about the stresses of school, that either students want an ATAR of 95 or death or they’re of the mindset that whatever happens will happen.  I chime in and say about the third option; figuring out what you want and setting achievable goals to get there.


“What’s your name?”


“Tanya!  We went to France together 12 years ago!”

“So we did…!”


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The Slow Down

It’s been a month in Melbourne and when I arrived I didn’t want to fall into the trap of slowing down.  But I have.  Everything just takes time when you live in the suburbs.  I still haven’t gone to the doctor.  I’ve gotten some emergency work but nothing regularly.  And, I haven’t moved out of my mum’s place yet.  It’s been a whole month!


So instead of resigning to the way of life today I changed it up and went to my first ever Toastmasters meeting.  Toastmasters, for those who don’t know, is a non-for-profit organisation to help you become a better public speaker.  It has a lot of rules and is very structured.  But it is that structure that helps you pinpoint your problems, so that you’re able to incrementally improve your public speaking.


I think its a great way to get to where I am going and I would recommend it if you want to improve your public speaking.


All in all, I think its super important to keep moving, keep hustling and keep pushing yourself because if you stay in your comfort zone you don’t grow and at this point in my life I don’t want to settle.

Jet Lag and Adjusting To Your New Surroundings

I do this every time I’m in a new city.  I don’t have a job.  I need a job STAT!  Stress starts creeping in and I become debilitated.  It doesn’t help when you are also very jet lagged.


When I arrived in Melbourne, my first thought was that I can easily get complacent and lose the momentum I had when I was in Europe.  Everything is far away and it makes it a great deal harder to get anywhere and do many things all at once.  It doesn’t help that I don’t have a car and it’s winter.


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Converting Failures Into Something Constructive

#30daychallenge is a #30dayfailure.  In my challenge to write every day for a month, I only wrote 18 posts.  That’s a pass rate of 60%.  Pretty pathetic.  But instead of beating myself up about it I’m going to ask myself a question.  How can I learn from my failure?  What insights did I gain from my experiment?  Well to know more keep reading.


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Spending More On Unique Experiences

Ever stuck in a cycle?  Go to work, go home and on the weekend party?  It can get quite expensive.  But when you look back there are no notable events.   Nothing to say, “Oh I really had fun.  No really, I had some unique experiences”.  You might be stuck on the hamster wheel, just churning a cog until the power stops.


Here’s how to get out of that rut.


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Rest Day

Wednesday to Friday I was in the party corner, Ayia Napa.  Saturday night I spent all night in the mountains dancing the night away.  Sunday, I fell asleep in a hammock whilst roaming the streets.  Today, it’s time to relax.  Today is my rest day.


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Holiday Mode

Why is it that when you’re on holiday you seem to be more fun?  You do more things and you have more memorable experiences.   Why is it that?


You are in a new place and you want to see what the place has to offer so you do everything you can  to busy yourself and see things.  You go see some some ruins, go to some beaches, go to a restaurant and to a bar at night, all in the one day.


You exhaust yourself so that when you go back home you have stories to tell and fond memories and you save up and look forward to your next trip so you can repeat the process.  But is this really living.  Read on to find out more.


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Is Your Label Holding You Back?

“I can’t meet people I’m shy.”


“What are you talking about? We’ve just been talking for 2 hours and you JUST met me.”


That was me two days ago.  I met a lovely girl from Russia through couchsurfing who is super active and climbs mountains.  CLIMBS MOUNTAINS!  I saw pictures and MY GOD.  The clouds are beneath the girl.


How is this person shy?  In my book.  She’s confident, she’s talkative and she’s active.  She definitely isn’t shy.  Which got me thinking.  Maybe someone labeled her as shy.  Maybe, she labeled herself as shy.  And that shyness was stopping her from doing things that she wanted to do.


What are the labels you give yourself?  Are these labels affecting your decisions?


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