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What It Means to be Greek

The other day my friend in Bangkok asked, “What are you?  Australian? Greek?”


To which I replied, “I am both Australian and Greek.  I am a citizen of both countries, but I don’t really associate with the Greek-Australians from Melbourne nor the Greeks in Greece”


“So you’re a third culture kid?


“No, that’s not quite right.”


It’s a little more complicated than that.  To understand why you need dive into my family history.


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Inspiring You To Do Your Thing

It’s been a wild ride the past 4 days in Bangkok, hell the past 3 months traveling.  Today’s post isn’t going to be about the past 3 months and what milestones I’ve achieved (hello 100 posts!).  Today’s post is going to be about Lia, my first official fan.


Lia was searching for some sports apparel online when she typed in Nike’s slogan, “Just Do It”.  It just so happens that I have the same blog post title and apparently I have been ranking on google for that search term.  So she found my blog and realised that I was in Indonesia.  She also saw that I’m a Couchsurfer.  So she jumped on Couchsurfing Hangouts and saw that I was in Bandung (her home city).  She then went a step further and sent me a message asking to meet up and we met the next day over some food.


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Dancing with Hippies – Ecstatic Contact Dance


Jason! You’ve got the hair, you’ve got the look, when are you going to do some hippy shit, or play in a band?  Well, today is your lucky day.  This post is about how I joined the hippy community and did some weird hippy shit.


It all started when I did a free life coaching session (I was the client).   I got the word from the life coach that there was an Ecstatic Contact dance class at Paradiso, the local community space, and she was going.  With very little information I decided to give it a go.

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White Girls with Local Boyfriends and Jason’s Theory of Cool Places

There’s something in the water at Kuta Lombok.  This small surfing village, famous for its glassy waves in the wet season, has another thing it may be famous for, European girls and bad boy locals.  I stayed for three nights and partied for three nights.  I couldn’t get over the disproportionate number of girls, especially from The Netherlands and northern Europe.


I couldn’t quite understand it.  Where were the Australians?  Where were the guys?  Could this be part of Jason’s Theory of Cool Places?

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Living in Poverty and Coping with Realities (With Pictures!)

A week ago I spent a couple of nights in a village and it was the most eye opening experience I’ve ever had.  I had gotten the contact through Couchsurfing and on his profile, his English was pretty good and he had 6 references so I was pretty trusting that I’d have a good experience.  However, good probably isn’t that adjective I would use.


As I approach the house, if you can call it that (the place didn’t have any doors), there was a commotion between the local villagers.  Kids just started appearing out of nowhere.  There were free range chickens everywhere pecking rubbish for food, talk about organic.  Everyone was looking at me, from the children to the old ladies.


My contact, Ruslan, doesn’t have a good a grasp of English as I’m lead to believe.  As we talk I discover that he is a father of two small boys but he seems to be somewhat of a father figure to other boys in the village.  He is poorly educated and works in construction.  That is when he has work.  He says his favourite hobby is to work.  And as I enquire further he tells me he only works about once a month for $15 a day.

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Dating Advice – How to Get the Girl

Saturday night, I get an instant message.

“Hey Jase, what are you doing tonight?  I’m at home, I’m bored.  Let’s go out.”


“Yeah let’s catch up it’s been ages.  I can do A drink but I have to go by 1 as I have Hari Raya celebrations tomorrow.”


“Cool, let’s meet up at TREC.  I know a place with free drinks.”


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Feeling Guilty For Not Completing Daily Tasks

I have a habit of planning what I’m going to do for the day.  Sometimes days in advance but usually in the morning.  Some say that this is an effective way to get things done.  The problem is I’m a massive procrastinator.  Especially if there are biological needs that haven’t been met.  I haven’t eaten, I have eaten poorly, I haven’t had enough sleep etc.


At the moment my main concern is that I’ve been having trouble sleeping.  Always waking up early and throughout the night even though I want to sleep in.  It might be due to the new temperature (humid and hot), light coming in through the curtains or the mattress itself.  Either way, I wake up feeling groggy and wanting to sleep more.


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Mother’s Day

This post is to all the people who’ve lost their mums.  It’s a hard day today, I’m sure.


Today is a day more than ever to speak to your mum.  Tell them you love ’em or whatever you’d like to say, but talk to them.  Whether you are overseas, on non-speaking terms or just lazy.  Make sure you call your mum and have a chat.


You know there was a time that I didn’t speak to my mum for literally years.  I was cross at her for something that, now, doesn’t seem so bad.  To think that I had shut that whole side of the family off as well.  There were deaths in the family and I didn’t get a chance to say to them how I really felt.


It doesn’t matter if they’re manipulative, annoying or downright boring, be the bigger man or woman and call your mum before its too late.

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How I Get To Travel

People often ask me, “How do you get to travel so much?  How do you have enough money?”  So let’s talk about it.


How do you get to travel so much?


Travel for me is one of my highest priorities.  Just like for you, it may be raising your kids or getting ahead in your career.  Travel trumps starting a family and raising capital, for now.


Travel for me means freedom: freedom to do what you want, to be who you want and to pick up and go where you want.

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