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Inspiring You To Do Your Thing

It’s been a wild ride the past 4 days in Bangkok, hell the past 3 months traveling.  Today’s post isn’t going to be about the past 3 months and what milestones I’ve achieved (hello 100 posts!).  Today’s post is going to be about Lia, my first official fan.


Lia was searching for some sports apparel online when she typed in Nike’s slogan, “Just Do It”.  It just so happens that I have the same blog post title and apparently I have been ranking on google for that search term.  So she found my blog and realised that I was in Indonesia.  She also saw that I’m a Couchsurfer.  So she jumped on Couchsurfing Hangouts and saw that I was in Bandung (her home city).  She then went a step further and sent me a message asking to meet up and we met the next day over some food.


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Reunion Wrap-Up

So a couple of weeks ago I had my 10 and a bit year reunion and it was WEIRD.   Well weird in a good way.  Seeing all these people that you know.


Have you ever felt that you’re at a party and you know everyone even if you can’t remember all of their names?  That’s right, your own birthday party.  Except at this party, everyone else knew everyone also.   It was like everyone had their own birthday party at the same time (not like when you’re at school and there are two separate birthday parties and you have to decide which one is the better party to go to).

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Long Term Savings – Let’s Talk About Finances

Some of you may think that I do not have a long-term savings plan.  But you’d be wrong!  Going on from yesterday’s post, I have been implementing a long-term savings plan since at least 2011, but there’s been trials and tribulations along the way.


One of the key points about saving money is that you don’t spend it!  And, it’s very tempting to spend it.  In fact, since 2011 I’ve had around about $6000 in my 10% do not touch account.  What’s this about ten percent?


Well, a long time ago I read The Richest Man In Babylon parables (of which you can read for free here).  One of the lessons that stuck with me was to save at least ten percent of your income regardless of how much you make and make sure that income is used on an investment to make your money work for you (something that will yield more profit in years to come).  After all, you cannot compound money if you don’t have any savings.


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The Unlikely Guru

Ever think, How am I with this person? They are so much better looking/smarter/richer than me.  How is this happening?  I am fortunate enough to be in one of those situations again.


The girl, above, is clearly stunning and last night she accompanied me to a friends’ birthday party.  As the night wore on we talked to different people and I saw my date at the bar with a man who was buying her a drink.  Now, as she is new to Melbourne and she needs to make friends I didn’t mind but as my jealously crept in, I thought I’d check up on her.


The guy ends up buying me a drink also.  I didn’t really know how to react.  I think I said thank you but I also said “don’t feel intimidated”.  What I meant by that is, don’t feel intimidated by me joining the conversation, you don’t have to buy me a drink to talk to my friend.  But, that can also be misconstrued as me telling him to back off.


What happened next was truly remarkable.  I had met an unlikely guru.


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Reaching That Word Limit

I’m going to start writing something until something comes to mind.  When I write I usually have a small nugget of an idea and I tend to elaborate on that and before you know it I have 500 words.  Which might lead you to think that my writing is in fact crap.  That may be so.  But it also can be a useful tool to explain to the reader about a concept.


Let me explain what I mean.


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Do You Personalise Or Scattergun?

It’s that age old question.  Do I approach as many people possible to get a sale/deal/job or do I take more time and personalise in the hope that I can close more effectively?


I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, “Jason, of course, you have to personalise.  What are you, some kinda man-robot out of Glengary Glen Ross?”


But don’t we end up scattergunning anyway.  Think Tinder, Bumble and all the other mobile dating apps.  Isn’t their whole business model based on the fact that people will inevitably ask as many people as possible?  Under the fold, I’ll go through what times it’s best to use the two different techniques and why we can be motivated by both.


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The Importance of Being Silly (Part 1)

“You should listen to me because I am serious.”  To anyone that sounds quite far-fetched, because we would like to think that as independent people we can think independently and seriousness should not matter in terms of what is actually being said.

However the opposite sounds true.  “Don’t listen to him because he is being silly.”  Moreover, how often have you heard people say to you


“You shouldn’t be silly/behave that way because people won’t take you seriously”


If you take the first statement to be false then logically you must take the last statement to be false.  Let me explain what I mean


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About Me Jan 2016

Hello!  I see you’ve stumbled upon my new blog.  At the moment there isn’t a lot of blog posts and the site could use some tweaking.  A lot of tweaking.  But as Nike says I’m “just do(ing) it”.  In fact one of the domain names I considered purchasing was

So this is what I’m doing.  I am not so concerned with making the website pretty or adding lots of photos even though I know that that’d increase my readability and page engagement.  What I am concerned about on this website is good quality content and a lot of it.  Why?  Keep reading

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