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About Me

So it’s about time I updated the About Me section.  The last one I wrote was in January 2016 and my views about the blog and what is happening in my life have changed since then.


Hi, my name is Jason Tsitsopoulos, I’m from a middle-class family from Melbourne, Australia.  I’ve been fortunate enough to live, travel, study and work as an English teacher in many different areas of the world.  I want to get out of teaching and into the world of motivational speaking which is the reason of why I started this blog.

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Let’s Collaborate

So today I spent my afternoon writing a short story for a newspaper competition.  A friend informed me about this competition and that’s got me thinking.  If you have any competitions and other things I can enter or you want to collaborate you can contact me at or leave a comment down below or on facebook.


I would love to feature some other perspectives as I want to start interviewing people in podcasts and also create video for the site.  More to come…

The 30daychallenge and Upcoming Scedule

Dear readers of my blog,


I have failed again!  I had 12 days left to complete 12 posts and it took me about 15.  It’s really hard when you don’t make it your number one priority.  And since blogging isn’t my number one priority at the moment I am going to change my schedule.


From now on I will post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday by midnight Australian Eastern Standard Time.  So if you miss out on a post or if you don’t see the alert on facebook you can check in on those days or you can Subscribe!


So I am still committed to the blog and the mission.  Now I will have more time to formulate my thoughts and write them down.


Until next time.



Welcome to my New Site!

Hi!  Welcome to my new site.  I’ll be posting 2-4 times a week about motivation, my life and travel.  More about the site in the ABOUT ME section.  The site is very new so if there’s any questions or comments or advice regarding what content, functionality or SEO of the website please let me know!


Jason Tsitsopoulos