Going On an Adventure

I have equated this journey to Odysseus and his 20-year quest around the Mediterranean.  But I haven’t really felt like I was on an adventure.  Not until now.  This story is about the time I took a detour to chase a girl.


I found myself in Cilicap, a small industrial coastal town in central Java, alone, watching episodes of Rick and Morty.



But I need to rewind a bit.  On Saturday night I was Purwokerto, another country town in the middle of Central Java, and we went to a Dangdut club.  The place was full of rough Indonesian thugs.  Although I wasn’t too intimidated since everyone was a head shorter than me.


But why was I at a dodgy club?  Well for that answer you need to rewind to the weekend before last when I was in Jogja.  As I said in my previous post, I was on Couchsurfing Camp where we danced to a Dangdut performance on the beach.  I thought to myself it’d be a unique experience to see this in its dodgy element.


Which brings us to Saturday.  I entered the club with complimentary ice-teas (something that doesn’t seem so strange after having received complimentary cigarettes and bread at other clubs) and went to scope out the area with my Couchsurfing friend.  I was well prepared for thugs and prostitutes so I kept my distance.


Dangdut club


Then I realised that these guys aren’t so intimidating so I started to get down to the classy tunes.  Next thing you know I’m the token white guy in the club everyone wants to dance with.  I was dancing with 40-year-old men and ugly ladies wearing polka dot dresses.  And then there was the girl I thought was very attractive under the dark lighting.  I started dancing with her and getting my grind on (of which I’m sure there is some embarrassing video somewhere).  As I tried to kiss her she retracted and said, “not here”.



She was with a group of people and I thought that one of them might be her boyfriend, or worse, pimp.  I grew tired and told her I was tired, to which she gave me an “already? look.  We exchanged numbers and I went home.


The following day I learnt that she was in a town an hour and a half away called Cilacap.  I asked if I could join her because, why not?  And after some initial hesitation, she agreed.


Then came the paranoia.  Why hasn’t she told me what she does for work?  Is she a prostitute?  Will she take my money?  I thought I saw that she had a pimple above her lip?  Is it a pimple, a graze, herpes?  Why did she cover her mouth when we took a selfie?  Maybe because she’s embarrassed about her mouth because she has herpes?


So I rang my friend to ask him if I should go out of my way to Cilacap to see this girl.  He didn’t answer.  Now normally I would stress over something so trivial like this for hours and then make a decision but I this time I skipped ahead.  I asked myself, what is the purpose of this trip?  Isn’t part of it to get lost and go on an adventure?  Well, this was a good enough excuse for an adventure as any.  So I booked a hotel and off I went.


However, things didn’t go as swimmingly as I had planned.  I had a contact there from Couchsurfing camp who hooked me up with the hotel and took me around and I also happened to had met someone years ago in Malaysia who was living in Cilacap.  So we all met up and went to the seaside.  It was great re-meeting my friend and talking about life and then, she came.


She came on a big, red motorbike, as a bad girl would.  She didn’t speak much English as I tried to get her into the conversation.  Immediately there was an uncomfortable tension in the group.  She soon left to see her friends sitting on another table and we continued our conversation.


Was she a prostitute or just a bad girl?  It didn’t matter.  The chemistry wasn’t there.


I ended the night joining my Couchsurfer friend and his friends over coffee and UNO.


So even though I was alone last night and it hadn’t gone to plan, let’s be honest it was destined to fail, I still had a great time.  I got to re-connect with my friend whose story is unbelievable and I got to meet a whole bunch of new people who were very excited to see me, even the hotel I stayed at was excited.  They took photos and everything!


So have you been in a situation where you’ve gone off on a silly adventure?  Have you crossed the country in search of love or lust?  Let me know about it: here in the comments, on Facebook or on Instagram.



P.S.  I totally forgot to tell you about the old lady who spoke to me in Indonesian for like 15 minutes on a bus that took 2.5 hours going slow to pick up stragglers instead of 1.5.  I had absolutely no idea what was happening.


The Indonesian Countryside


*Note this was written on Tuesday but I hadn’t gotten around to posting yet.


  • Mother of Odyseus

    3 September, 2017

    Mmm, the allure of the bad girls can take its toll! Glad you escaped unscathed and so pleased you did not succumb to the charms of the 40-year-old men and older women in polka dot dresses.

  • Nuraini

    3 September, 2017

    His quest was to come home to Penelope. At least ostensibly. Just sayin’.

    Never did understand – as an Asian – why it was realistic to expect her to still be around.

    • Jason

      17 September, 2017

      Shhh… stop poking holes in my metaphor! 😉


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