How I Got On To Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – Part 1

So, I did Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – Hot Seat, which aired tonight.  You can view it here if you are in Australia but how did I actually get to be on a game show and why it’s relevant to you.


Normally to get on a game show you need to fill in a form online or send a video etc. to be, maybe, contacted.  Some auditioners take months or years to be contacted and fly in from interstate.  I did none of that.  Instead, I happened to be working in the building where the auditions were.

So, one day, I saw some tables set up and enquired as to what was going on and was invited to audition.  Yup, just like that.  I had just finished my shift and cancelled my plans to play squash to do this audition.


First, they gave us a 30 question millionaire style quiz.  I got 21 out of 30 correct.  They culled the bottom quarter of respondents (about 17) who were invited to reapply at a later time.


From this point, we were hustled into a classroom and we had to answer a bunch of personality and demographic type questions, about 5 or so pages.


During filling out the form we had one minute to talk in front of the camera about ourselves, to which we were encouraged to say something interesting.  I was first up (out of about 40 people) and I said how much I liked to travel.  Then subsequently, everyone else talked about how they liked to travel.  Damn!  Way to stick out of the crowd.


And then that was it.  We were told we had to wait for a response and to not be too discouraged as they have called up people years later their audition.  We were also told not to audition again and not to call the studio.


That was December.


In April, I got an email saying that they’d like to have me on the show at the end of May.  To which I responded a resounding, “I’d love to”, even though that meant I had to delay my Asia 6 month trip by a month.


I ended up getting fired from my teaching job at the end of April which gave me plenty of time to study.  And study I did.  That final week leading up to game day was most intense.  The day before I was cracking it at anyone who was distracting me from my goal.  I really wasn’t fun to be around as I was so nervous.


But, how did I go?  You’ll have to find out by watching the episode!



Now how is this relevant to you? Ordinarily, I wouldn’t break up the blog post this way but as I want the prize winner(s) to receive their money I am not actually allowed to talk about the episode.


If I hadn’t enquired as to what was going on I wouldn’t have auditioned.  In other words, if I wasn’t curious I wouldn’t have had such an awesome experience.  This has happened time and time again.  I have snuck into VIP parties in Cannes and Christmas parties in Melbourne.  Not only that, if I hadn’t just given it a go I wouldn’t have auditioned for Oakley’s Digital Ambassador (which I ended up getting some cool sunnies) or be a leading member of a Hong Kong cover band (even if it was for one song).  I have countless of these experiences.


Hong Kong Cover Band featuring yours truly


The point is if you don’t grab the opportunity while it’s there you won’t have these awesome experiences.  So go on, grab life by the horns, be spontaneous and get out of your comfort zone.  You’ll be surprised on what you can achieve.


For part 2 click here.


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