Just Do It

Yes Nike has the best slogan.  Just Do It.  The slogan which has empowered so many people and has guilted others into bettering themselves.  I am a serial procrastinator.  Being a procrastinator is seriously bad for my health and for yours as well.


Let me explain what I mean


The one thing that I like to procrastinate more with is cleaning.  I hate cleaning.  My apartment is constantly in a state of mess.  This mess in turn gets me bummed because every time I look at it I think to myself “I have to clean it up”.  Even if I don’t consciously think that, my subconscious is telling me that.  Having to jump over clothes or navigate the kitchen for clean work space provides that little niggle in your brain that I am unsatisfied with the status quo.  And yet, on the other side I am comfortable enough not to do anything about it.  Not until it becomes intolerable or someone is coming over and I have to keep up appearances.


To think if I just clean up when it needs to be cleaned up, I would not have this niggling feeling in my brain, which sometimes leads to frustration and then depression.  If I am just little proactive, if I Just Do It, I’d be able to reap the rewards and be comfortable in my own home and be able to invite people back to my place without the qualifier, my house is really messy.


The reverse is also true.  Take another aspect of my life where I am proactive.  Meeting people, especially girls.  Yes it is one thing to go into a bar and sit in the corner and drink your drink.  It is another to actually go up to people and meet them.  I take the first glance approach.  The second a person I am interested in looks at me I say hello.  This technique (along with a few others) has resulted me in making new friends, going to exclusive parties, crashing on couches, meeting a broad range of people from journalists to homeless to doctors to students, etc.


Being proactive in this domain has really changed my life and it essentially uses the same philosophy.  If it needs to be done just do it.  Don’t think about it.  Don’t mull it over.  Just get it done.  I often go out with my shy friends and they always have some excuse, “I need to go to the toilet.” “Let’s get a beer.””I’m not like you”.  I respond in kind with “Just go up and meet people.  If they aren’t interested go to the next person who is.”  The results are fantastic.


It’s like exercise.  If you know you have to run but you really don’t want to.  You would think to yourself


I have to get out of my bed, get changed, stretch, drink water, plan a route, battle the weather, run for 30 minutes, come back, stretch again and have a shower.


Seems like a lot of effort.  People that like running, however, just go out and run.  They don’t think about it.  It becomes a habit and they just do it.  And they get the results.


Just like this blog post.  I didn’t think much about it I just got on with writing.  What about you?  What do you “just do” or find easy that other people don’t?  What are you going to do today that you are just going to do?  Let me know in the comments here or on Facebook.  And if you like these articles, let me know and don’t be afraid to share.


Now I’ll leave you with Shia Labeouf shouting at you

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