New Years Resolutions

A new year ticks by and people make resolutions which they inevitably break.  This year I am not making any resolutions.  Instead, I am going to reflect on the year that was and what I can hope for in 2018.



In January I was working at a great school where I am currently teaching again for the summer.


February, proved to be difficult as I was doing emergency and jumping around schools.

March and April

In March and April I worked at one school and that I got let go from.  I was due to leave in April but I got called to go on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire in May.


I worked emergency for one school and studied up on Millionaire.  I was so close yet so far.  The next day I headed for Malaysia.


In Malaysia I spent 6 weeks.  I met an incredible person who showed me another side to life, especially the Muslim world.   I went to Singapore and explored parts of Malaysia and KL.


In July, I went to Indonesia.  First in Lombok where I had my brush with poverty (this by the way is probably the biggest story I kept retelling back in Australia) and where I met the beach boy locals and the naive foreigners.


Then I went to Bali where I perhaps stayed a little too long.


In August, I left Bali and discovered Jogjakarta and explored central and west Java.  I gained many friends and questioned some peoples motives.


In September I moved to Bangkok to see if I could just settle in and work on the blog.  This didn’t come to fruition as much as I’d like to as I kept moving around.  Bangkok isn’t place to settle.  I did manage, to reflect on the year anniversary of my fathers death and have learnt to slowly let that go.


October saw me in Vietnam where I questioned my government’s role in the war and pissed off some of my close family.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time in country Vietnam and I then moved off to the Philippines.  It wasn’t until I went to El Nido did I appreciate the raw nature of the Philippines.


I returned early from my trip to work back at the best school I’ve worked at for the summer.  This return was very different from the return of my previous journey as I did not want to immediately leave.  It was very different as I have seen the abject poverty and pollution that really made me appreciate how well I’ve got it here in Australia and the grievances of last year haven’t yet come to the fore.


As the marking ramped up my blog posts stopped.  Family came to visit for the holidays, making my life all the more enjoyable but quite distracting from the frequent blog posts I did in the middle of the year.  I got to meet part of the extended family for the first time and inevitably got in a couple of Christmas fights.


Random Indonesian kids who wanted my photo


Yes 2017 was a busy year and it has given me a new perspective of what I would like to do and where I want to be heading.  So here are some predictions for 2018 of which I do not have to keep as they are not resolutions.


  • I will not buy a house.  This is not to say that I won’t have investments.  It is just to say that I am comfortable with not buying a house in Melbourne and that I will not sacrifice my lifestyle to buy a house and thus put me on the hamster wheel forever chasing money.


  • I’m moving into events and away from teaching.  I am volunteering at Mid Summa and Whitenight and will pursue jobs at events and gigs in Melbourne or elsewhere.  In another post I wrote about discovering that I want to work with artists and musicians and I think events and event management is closer to that goal.  If you know of any jobs in this field please let me know.


  • Apply and perhaps move to Canada on a working holiday visa.  Depending on the type of work I get here in Melbourne I foresee myself moving to Canada as it has been a dream of mine to live in Berkeley, California and this is the closest I can get without getting a skilled visa and being able to work.  Like you dear reader, I have met many Canadians and Americans in my travels and believe them to be more friendly and easy going than Australians.  Controversial, I know.


  • 2018 will be the last year of the blog unless I still enjoy writing.  In 2016 I set myself a goal of becoming a motivational speaker.  I wanted to start right away even though I was in Italy and so I started this blog.  It was meant to be a brainstorming of ideas that will lead me to a job or speaking gigs.  It has evolved into more than just a motivational blog.  My writing style has improved and I’ve delved deep into issues that aren’t necessarily got to do with motivation or staying positive.  It has become a cathartic vehicle for me and also for you too.  I even had my first real fan that I met through my blog and not through Facebook (which was a real ego boost).


It hasn’t, however, lead me to a job, nor has it lead me to speaking gigs.  Due to the price increase in 2019 I will be forced to make a decision to keep it and pay a much higher price, remove it from the internet or change server.  Whatever, decision I make will be dependant on how much money I spend on it and what value I take from writing these blog posts.


If you do like this blog please keep commenting as it motivates me to write more.  I know that if I persist (or if anyone persists for that matter) I could make a career out of my writing but is that the best way to use my creativity?  And this will be the question of 2018, do I want to be a writer or do I want to use another creative medium?  I know I want to be creative and I want to work with other creatives (artists, musicians and the like) but do I want to be a writer (as I think the purpose of the blog as veered away from the original purpose of motivational speaking)?


And so what do you think?  What is your opinion?  Have you changed careers before?  What did you do?  Do you feel like you are stuck in a career and want to change?  What are your New Years Resolutions/Goals?  Have you had to give up something that you love?  What’s your long term ambition?  Please let me know here on this blog, on Facebook or on Instagram.


*A note to current and prospective employers who may or may not be reading this.  On this blog I try to be as honest as possible and therefore I may incriminate myself as to my motivations for working at a particular company or industry.  Please note that just because I am saying what I truly think doesn’t mean that I wont be exemplary at the job.  Instead look at it as an exploration of the human psyche, going to a counsellor or just screaming out loud as the train passes by to vent your emotions.  If one cannot express how they feel for fear of being incriminated then that provides the recipe for mental heath issues.  This blog is my vessel I use to express my feelings.  And I do think it’s necessary to do it in a public forum as others have and may continue to benefit from it.


  • Nuraini

    30 December, 2017

    I don’t change careers – they kind of more like evolve. I may try to have two – it seems to make my science/arts split personality more content.

    However, while you know I am quite happy with my job, it does feel a bit stuck. (Yes, it’s possible to be happily stuck). So, what I did this week is finally re-write my internal “CV” seriously, mainly because the company finally declared its Purpose and so suddenly became interesting. I’m going to tell them I am up for re-location or even – location independence. I’m even in the mood to be open for rotational assignments. So that’s what I’m doing to start with.

    I could give you reasons for what to do with your blog, but ultimately if you love something, keep it. Find a way, there will be one. The world is quantum, not binary – most dilemmas are solvable if you replace the mindset of ‘or’ with the mindset of ‘and’. If you love something, you won’t even remember the cost later.

    • Jason

      27 January, 2018

      Thanks for the advice. Will definitely put it into consideration


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