The Beginning

And so it has started.  The start of my journey has begun.  Six months or more of self-discovery and realising my full potential.  This probably won’t end up happening but I’m willing to commit myself to it.


The past 10 months or so have been gearing up to this.  But do I feel relieved?  Well, the short answer is, not yet.  In fact, I feel a bit anxious and nervous.  I feel that the challenge is quite daunting.


Here are the four things that I’d like to accomplish whilst living abroad.


Meet people

The easiest and some of the most rewarding thing I can do.  It can be quite lonely when travelling by yourself, so meeting people resolves that. The beauty about travelling is that you often make short intense relationships with people as they are often in the same boat as you and they also may be leaving, so it is up to you both to make the experience as joyful as possible.


This is both a blessing and a curse as it often means breaking hearts and not seeing each other again, although in this day and age the internet helps mitigate that feeling of loss.



Resolve internal conflicts especially about my dad


I’ve never fully dealt with the death of my father and I think it is really important to express those emotions and you guessed it, I’m probably going to write about it.  So if you are cathartic, sympathetic or even sadistic please look forward to those future blog posts.


Collaborate and create


Whilst travelling I’d love to join people in their quest for creativity.  I’d like to return to the feeling that I had from university where I didn’t feel I was wasting time and I was creating a lot.


In university, whilst studying I managed to manage a band, be an MC, be a travel host, study in France and travel around Europe, study in Malaysia and travel around South East Asia, be a radio DJ and lots more.


My creativity after university dropped off significantly as I thought it was vitally important to get a job and start earning money.   My world came tumbling down when I realised that if you’re in the wrong job you’re going to end up hating what you’re doing and that is not the way to live life.


Change Jobs


So change jobs I did when I moved from a short marketing stint to teaching English.  Now after many years of teaching sporadically, I am going to change jobs once again.  Only, this time I’m going to find a job that interests me.  And the way I’m going to do that is by meeting people, collaborating, volunteering etc.  I know that just by putting myself out there and helping people that people will want to help me on my way.


Yes, I do realise that ideally, I want to be a motivational speaker.  However, this is a long term goal and I’m looking towards something in the interim that I can really hook my teeth into.  Say copywriting, business development or something along those lines.



So there you have it.  Those are my goals for this trip.  It’s scary and open-ended but I’m sure that through the generosity of myself and others and through the connections that we make I will come out of this a bigger and better person.



Have you ever started a new chapter in your life?  Something that you put so much significance on?  Do you think I am going about this the wrong way?  Let me know, here, on Facebook or on Instagram.  Yes, that’s right I succumbed to the perils of Instagram.  So please feel free to follow me and pass my message on.


Would you like to collaborate or are you somewhere in Asia and would like to meet up?  SEND ME A MESSAGE and LET’S DO THIS!

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