What’s it is Like to be Interviewed on the ABC? (VIDEO)

You may have missed it but last night I was interviewed on a prime-time news and current affairs show, 7:30 on the ABC.  As you loved my detailed experience on how I went on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, I thought you’d might like to know the process in what it’s like to be interviewed by a professional.


My Networks are Finally Paying Off


People often question me as to why I have so many Facebook friends and surely I can’t know them all.  At last count, I have 2,626 (probably fewer as people read this sentence) and I have met most of these people.  There are many friends on facebook whom I don’t talk to anymore and some I haven’t met in real life but I choose not to delete them unless they annoy me.


The reasons why I keep so many friends are mainly because of travel and networking.  When I travel I often meet up with people I had met years ago and either have kept in contact and sometimes lost contact.  For the most part, they are so much more fun than meeting a random off Couchsurfing.


Networking takes two forms.  The first, perhaps there is something you wish to promote, say a business or a famous sibling.  I don’t like to spam everyone with facebook games or fake news so I rarely share random stuff on the internet.  The second is if someone knows that I will be good for something so they request me to do something for them (usually it’s showing a friend around the city).


This is precisely what happened to me about 2 weeks ago.  My work colleague informed me that she had a journalist friend who was looking for singles to do an interview about online dating in 2018 for Valentines Day.  She immediately thought that I would be a perfect fit.  Perhaps, it’s because I am an attention whore, I keep a Sex in the City style blog (I don’t. Why would you think that?  Have you even READ my blog!) or because I am eternally single.  Either way, I was her first thought when she read the call out.


And of course, I jumped at the chance.  I got the journalist’s details and a day later I was chatting to her on the phone.  We chatted for about half an hour about my dating life, which of course, I can talk endlessly about, so she had to stop me.  In the conversation, I talked about a really good date I had but then the girl didn’t want to go out on another date as she thought I was a flight risk (i.e. I would just pack my bags and fly to, I dunno, Canada or something).  While typing away (yes there were audible keyboard clicks through the phone) she asked if I could get that girl to come on the show.  While that didn’t end up happening I was glad to pass on her details.  I also talked about some of the things I say in the interview.


Interview Day


After having forgotten to text me the details about the interview, I woke up late and rushed off without eating breakfast, to a bar in the city.  When I got to the bar, I met the journalist and the other guests.  To my surprise, I knew the other guy from my radio days at SYN.  He is now a producer for Triple J and look at me, an international traveller with no money in the bank.  There was also an intern on set, a cinematographer with two cameras, the sound guy with a boom mic and a no-nonsense producer.


The interview lasted for an hour which got edited down to six minutes.  During the interview, I was very aware of my posture and I had my mums voice in my head to sit up straight (thanks, ghost mum).  I am also, as the ladies would say, man-spreading because I have long legs and I’d hit the table otherwise.  All in all, looking back at the interview, it’s passable.


As we were all talking it became evident who was the most talkative (read: trying to steal the limelight) and it wasn’t me.  It was that 30 year old sitting next to me.  This made me want to get my 5 seconds of fame.  Unfortunately though with the combination of the pressure to talk and the journalists piercing questions, I put my foot in it.  Thankfully my answer wasn’t included in the final cut due to taste reasons, although it was hilarious.


Once the interview was done we filmed our little intros and that was it.  All the interviewees left and I stuck around to finish my beer.  The no-nonsense producer clearly didn’t want me to be around as he snubbed me off when I said goodbye.  He was probably thinking, “I’ve interviewed prime-ministers and now I’m producing this sensationalist garbage!  What hath become of me?”


Outside I immediately called my friends to tell them what had happened.


A final note, the whole thing was a well oiled and if you think that you are in control of what you’re saying, you definitely are not.  The journalist has full control, so think twice before going on TV.


Before I leave you with the video, I went on the program in the vain attempts to get a date!  So ladies, would your man go on primetime, national TV to talk about love?  No?  I didn’t think so.  So if you want a confident guy with charismatic good looks and the gift of the gab, look no further, your man is here.  Hit me up in those DM’s.




If you liked this article and interview don’t be afraid to share it!  Let me know in the comments, on Facebook or on Instagram your single stories.  Have you ever had a really bad Tinder date?  What was it like?  Does online dating work for you or do you prefer to meet people in real life?  Does talking about Tinder, mobile dating apps and online dating still have a stigma in 2018?  Have you ever been on TV?  What was it like?  If you’d like another story about Tinder I talk about it here


  • Bill

    22 February, 2018

    Get rid if the deep breath at the intro and the girls were a bit on the plain side. Uncle Bill

    • Jason

      22 February, 2018

      Noted! I’ll try and be more smooth the next interview I have. Lol about the girls. What do you expect? It’s pretty hard to get someone talking about their love life on national TV.


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